• Shared Value

    We believe in developing a healthy value chain where we all win, ensuring fair compensation, sustainability, and a positive impact on the communities we work with.

  • Transparency

    We are open about our coffee's origins, sourcing, pricing, production practices, quality, and its social and environmental impact. This empowers producers and consumers alike.

  • Long Term Relationships

    As a family owned business we go beyond individual transactions, enabling us to build trust, promote sustainability, provide stability, and ensure ongoing quality.

  • Yonatan González


    In 2018, my brother Julián and I embarked on a journey to establish Cuatro Vientos, a coffee venture rooted in Huila, Colombia. Our mission was to cultivate strong connections with growers and to build cultural bridges with the world through coffee.

  • Jim Chi

    Sales and Finance

    I wanted to share my love for coffee and the experience of discovering high-quality coffee from Colombia with everyone. Providing great coffee and business solutions to our roasters further builds our community. My diversity in experience and perspective are additional contributions to our industry. Let’s grow together.

  • Germán Ochoa

    Sales and Operations

    In 2014, I immigrated to America, discovering my true passion for the culinary world and developing a profound appreciation for building sustainable relationships within the coffee industry, from crop to cup.

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